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Alternatives to Violence Programs

Bay Area Women’s Center offers an alternatives to violence program for women.  Participants of the programs are usually referred by the court system and are for those who have used control, force or violence in their intimate relationships.

VISTA: Violence Intervention Steps To Accountability

The VISTA program is for women who have used force.  It is a 26 week curriculum addressing women’s use of force in a relationship. VISTA explores the motivation, intents and consequences to one’s actions. VISTA assists women in finding healthy alternatives to using violence. Group topics include but are not limited to: Forceful behaviors, Anger, Healthy boundaries, Effects of force on children, family and friends, Conflict resolution and Healthy relationships. The free-of-charge VISTA program is offered by the Bay Area Women’s Center.

Anger and jealousy are both normal emotions...but where do you draw the line? Harassment, stalking and physical or sexual assaults—whether on a stranger, an acquaintance, your partner, or spouse—is illegal and these actions may result in being legally restrained or removed from the home and/or charged with committing criminal actions.

Lasting change takes courage along with commitment. Your first steps toward a healthy relationship are taking responsibility and being accountable for your actions along with learning alternative ways of coping. Learning these items could lead to a positive home life and an end to the cycle of abuse within your family.

We know that change can be difficult and BAWC can help you. When there is abuse in a relationship, no one wins. Abuse effects everyone. Call today to find out how to start VISTA.

Call our hotline at 989-686-4551 or 1-800-834-2098 toll free 24 hours a day, seven days a week and ask for more information about the VISTA program.

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