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Emergency Shelter

Bay Area Women’s Center offers safe haven for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in our Emergency Shelter. 

Once the client and children (if any) are safely secure within our facility, a team of staff members provide counseling and resources, which may specifically include:

  • General safety education as well as an individualized safety plan to ensure ongoing safety for the client and family after leaving the facility

  • Assistance with setting individualized goals

  • Group and individual counseling

  • Direct services related to transportation, health care, childcare, housing, legal assistance, parenting education, and any other support the victim identifies as a need

  • Information and referrals related to mental health and substance abuse treatment and assistance

  • Referrals, information, and access to community resources that help increase autonomy and self-sufficiency

  • Education to help individuals develop healthy relationship and life skills

  • Resources for job searching and resume writing

  • Material needs – free of charge – which may include, but are not limited to, clothing, food, diapers, formula, shoes, personal care items, etc.

  • Victim advocacy through assistance with Personal Protection Orders (PPO’s) and other legal documents, as well as providing support by attending hearings and trials with victims

  • 24 hour crisis lines to ensure victims are safe and supported at all times

  • Pet accommodations at an off-site boarding facility. Contingent upon available funding. Restrictions apply.

If you are a victim of domestic or sexual violence and need emergency shelter, call our hotline at 989-686-4551 or 1-800-834-2098 toll free 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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