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Transitional Housing Program

The Bay Area Women’s Center offers a transitional housing program. The overall goal is to help residential and non-residential clients secure safe and affordable housing.

Transitional Housing

Survivors of domestic and/or sexual violence often lack the necessary resources to live independently.  Transitional housing services are available for residents who are at an increased risk of becoming homeless due to their circumstances.  

The off-site Transitional Supportive Housing (TSH) program provides participants with budgeting and finance education, life-skills development, and home visits. The TSH program has very limited space dependent upon funding and provides rental subsidies as well as more intensive support to all participating families. This program runs for 24 months.

The program goal is to provide safe, affordable housing along with supportive services and education. The ideology is that in establishing self-sufficiency, the participant will not return to an abusive situation. In turn, this provides a more stable living situation for the whole family. Due to limited program space, participants are chosen on the basis of greatest need and greatest risk of continued homelessness.

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TSH Information - VOCA

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