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Volunteer Opportunities

Bay Area Women’s Center welcomes the assistance of volunteers and interns to aid us in providing an array of quality services to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.  Volunteer and intern assistance is incorporated into every aspect of the agency from maintenance of the facility to direct client services.  We accept volunteers as young as age 18 and provide basic training then on-the-job shadowing. 

Volunteering your time at the BAWC is rewarding, it can help you meet educational requirements, and gain valuable work experience.  Individuals and groups can volunteer their time on a weekly, monthly, or on-call basis.  BAWC operates 24 hours a day and offers flexible hours that coordinate with most schedules.

Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering offers many benefits in appreciation for the gift of your time and expertise. Volunteering can help you:

  • Learn or develop skills

  • Teach your skills to others

  • Enhance your résumé

  • Gain work experience

  • Enrich your life

  • Build self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Meet new people

  • Gain new insights

  • Make new friends

  • Feel needed and valued

  • Make a difference in someone’s life

  • Help others reach their potential

  • Better the community

  • Be part of a team

  • Showcase good citizenship

Volunteers are vital to Bay Area Women's Center. Without volunteers we would not be able to meet many of our goals. All volunteers are given an orientation and appropriate training. 

Volunteer opportunities include:

➜ On-Site Volunteer Opportunities

➜ Prevention & Awareness Volunteer Opportunities

➜ Special Event Planning

➜ Committee Opportunities

➜ Internships

For more information about possible ways you or your group could help, call our Volunteer Services Manager at (989) 686-4551.

See our volunteers in action!


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