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Children and Teen Programs

Programs Offered

The Children's Program serves residential and non-residential children and youth who are impacted by domestic and sexual violence. The program goal is to end the cycle of family violence with these children and youth. The Bay Area Women’s Center has two Children’s Program Case Workers, the Domestic Violence Children’s Program Case Manager and the Sexual Assault Therapist. The children’s workers provide services and referrals to children of all ages, up to age 18.  

Individual counseling is available for primary and secondary victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.  Safety planning, including emotional and physical safety, is always the first goal of the program staff.

The Sexual Assault Therapist is a masters level therapist who is able to meet with both residential and non-residential children who have experienced sexual assault. This children’s worker uses different types of therapy to focus on materials such as the differences between good touch and bad touch, identifying safe people, and building healthy relationships in order to help the child heal from their trauma.

The Children's Domestic Violence Case Manager is able to meet with residential children to smooth their transition into shelter.  A child-friendly environment is utilized, and children have access to a large play area filled with a variety of diverse toys, crafts, and entertainment. Advocacy is also provided to ensure the child's best interest in areas of school, child-care, and medical issues. This children’s worker is also able to counsel non-residential children who have experience or witness domestic violence, as well as secondary child victims of sexual assault.